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by in campaigns on 30 May, 2018

AfriForum Youth is opposed to the University of Pretoria’s (UP) decision to take away some of the residence names and the hall names of certain residences. As AfriForum Youth, we say no. These residence names and hall names are part of buildings in which thousands of students have lived. These names carry memories and meaning for too many students and former students; it may not simply be taken away. UP students’ voices must be heard! Our opinions matter!

With this, you add your voice to our petition for the retention of the residence and hall names of the involved UP-campus residences.

Sign this petition and give your support for this campaign to retain residence and hall names for future generations.

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by in campaigns Hot on 31 August, 2017


The term “Pukke” in the name “NWU Pukke” gives identity to Puk students and their campus. A decision was recently taken that the Pukke identity will be abolished without prior consultation with interested parties such as students, prospective students or their parents.

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University Management, let our students study in peace!

by in campaigns on 21 April, 2017

University Management, let our students study in peace!


#onswiljo(o)l – Bring back Tuks Rag!

by in campaigns on 21 April, 2017

#onswiljo(o)l – Bring back Tuks Rag!


The first Rag gathering in South Africa was held at the University of Pretoria (UP) in 1925.

The UP management is attempting to deprive you of being a student by:
– Removing student life at Tuks
– Abolishing student traditions from campus

AfriForum Youth is opposed to the abolishment of student traditions because #onswiljo(o)l!

Sign AfriForum Youth’s petition if you feel that student life at Tuks must be promoted and Rag must occupy its rightful place as a wonderful student tradition like in the days of yore.

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UFS management, let us study!

by in campaigns on 20 September, 2016

UFS management, let us study!


A Knapsack tour in the footsteps of the Rebels

by in campaigns on 09 September, 2016


A Knapsack tour in the footsteps of the Rebels

It was the Afrikaner’s darkest hour when the diehards of the Anglo Boer War locked horns twelve years later: On the one side the government forces (Kakies) of Prime Minister Louis Botha and his Minister of Defence, Jan Smuts – and on the other, the rebellion commandoes of General Koos de la Rey and Commandant Generals Christiaan de Wet and Christiaan Beyers. Only a few months later, all was over. The end was bitterer than that of 1902.

  • Koos de la Rey
  • Christiaan de Wet
  • Jan Kemp
  • Jopie Fourie
  • Manie Maritz

How does such a tragedy strike?
Who were the role players?
How does one look back on it after a century?

Pack your knapsack and tour the Kalahari in the footsteps of Generals Kemp and Maritz with AfriForum Youth

Date: 1–9 October 2016
Costs: Free
RSVP: Send your name, surname, cell number and campus name before or on 15 September 2016 to


  • 2 500 km
  • Six destinations
  • Nine days of fun and adventure
  • Learn more about your culture
  • Learn more about your history
  • Learn more about your heritage
  • Learn more about yourself

Kovsies! Allow Soetdoring and Armentum to participate in the final of the ATKV’s University Sêr!

by in campaigns on 19 August, 2016

Kovsies! Allow Soetdoring and Armentum to participate in the final of the ATKV’s University Sêr!

By signing this petition, I am making an appeal to the management of the UFS to allow Soetdoring and Armentum to participate in the final of the ATKV’s University Sêr. 


Maties SRC election

by in campaigns on 29 July, 2016


Why must I participate in the student council elections?

A competent student council (SRC):

  1. Communicates with students and is aware of the latest developments;
  2. Addresses complaints received from students;
  3. Avoids political coaxing and does what is really in the interests of students;
  4. Prevents a small group of anarchists from speaking on behalf of all students;
  5. Takes the opinions of students into consideration during decision making and does not rely on their own opinion only;
  6. Doesn’t allow itself to be dictated by management;
  7. Attempts to keep the students happy, not management;
  8. Speaks on your behalf at the council and senate;
  9. Doesn’t hesitate to approach the courts in order to protect the rights of students.

Vote for a student council (SRC) if you are fed up with:

  1. Violence on campus;
  2. A small group of anarchists that apparently speaks on your behalf;
  3. An SRC that doesn’t listen to students;
  4. An SRC that doesn’t take any action with regards to the complaints of students;
  5. An SRC that takes decisions without considering the opinions of students;
  6. An SRC that only attempts to keep political parties happy;
  7. An SRC that is more interested in keeping management happy rather than students;
  8. An SRC that doesn’t act on behalf of students, but rather allows itself to be dictated by management;
  9. An SRC that is too scared and isolated to approach the courts if deemed necessary;
  10. An SRC that gives way to intimidation.

Youngest news concerning the SRC election:

  1. SRC candidates appeal against student court order
  2. High Court stops SRC election without AfriForum candidates
  3. AfriForum Youth approaches High Court after US excludes students from SRC elections

AfriForum Youth supports the following candidates:


Kovsies Kleinsêr: Have your say

by in campaigns on 20 April, 2016


by in campaigns on 02 February, 2016


  • The decisions of the Management of the Stellenbosch campus violate the Constitution as well as the University’s language policy.
  • Decisions taken by Management do not reflect those made in statements.
  • Prof. Wim de Villiers – the Rector and Vice-chancellor – can no longer be trusted.
  • Let equality rather than fairness triumph on the Stellenbosch campus.


Sign AfriForum Youth’s petition and demand that MATIES students be exempt from unfairness! 

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Set us free!

by in campaigns on 21 October, 2014

Set us free!:

AfriForum Youth is campaigning for the youth to be exempted from affirmative action.  An official Markinor survey has indicated that the majority of young people from all race groups in South Africa agree that the youth should be exempted from affirmative action.  Affirmative action is polarizing our country, especially when it is implemented in schools and universities.  Today’s youth have completed their entire school career in the post-1994 South Africa.  Why is it then that they have to be punished for the past?

Actions already undertaken:

  • National protest actions at four university campuses (UP, US, NWU, UFS);
  • Discussions with the international body, UNESCO, regarding unfair affirmative action;
  • Support to students who are subjected to race-based admission requirements at universities and who suffer as a result;
  • Collected more than 10 000 petitions against affirmative action;
  • Mobilise young people against this policy and influence the private sector to take a stand;
  • Organised a zoo protest against affirmative action;
  • Students who painted themselves black asked Mbeki to be reclassified as Africans;
  • Balloon protest held at Fort Schanskop;
  • Staged a protest at Aardklop against affirmative action in the form of a cage protest.
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Youth development

by in campaigns on 21 October, 2014

Youth development:

The promotion of a leadership culture among young people is one of AfriForum Youth’s main focus areas. The purpose is not only to nurture leadership, but also to introduce young people to the Christian democratic framework of ideas and the principle of cultural freedom.

Training for the youth takes place in three spheres, namely branch management training, short training courses and a training tour.

Branch Management Training:

Branch management training takes on the form of an inter-campus camp which is held at the beginning of each year. AfriForum Youth’s executive management, branch management members from all over the country and members who serve in portfolio committees attend the camp. Training focuses on the management of specific portfolios, the skills required to be a spokesperson, AfriForum Youth’s national strategy and planning with regard to campaigns, membership recruitment and fundraising.

Short training courses:

Short training courses take the form of informal training offered by a speaker who deals with a particular concept within a limited time frame. Elements covered, include leadership, values, history, heritage, cultural freedom and skills training, focusing on negotiating and debating skills, for example. Every three months, AfriForum Youth has a new intake of people joining the programme.

Training Tour:

The training tour is an accompanied tour to various museums, heritage sites and historic attractions throughout South Africa. The tour attempts to expose young people to the meaning of cultural freedom and the value of Afrikaner history. The tour takes place in September.

Become more involved: e-mail your details to

Quality education

by in campaigns on 21 October, 2014

Quality education:

AfriForum Youth is campaigning for quality education and to stop political interference in educational issues.  Successes have been achieved to such an extent that AfriForum Youth has annual meetings with the ministry of basic education to discuss complaints about maladministration with the matric exams.

Outstanding matric certificates

Did not recieve your matric certificate yet? AfriForum Youth will assist you in ensuring that you recieve your outstanding matric certificate from the department of basic education:

Actions already driven to ensure quality education:

  • Succeeded in getting the relevant department to issue outstanding matric certificates to students throughout South Africa;
  • Admission requirements at universities tackled and top students assisted in obtaining admission;
  • Grade 12 exam papers, which were of a poor standard, referred to the Minister of Basic Education and proposals were made;
  • Drive campaigns for the preservation of mother tongue education as medium of instruction at tertiary and secondary level;
  • Opposed the centralisation of university applications at the Department of Higher Education;
  • Supported veterinary science students subjected to discriminatory admission requirements;
  • Laid a charge with the Public Protector (PP) against the Mpumalanga Provincial Department of Education because of the maladministration learners and parents experienced.

Problems with Gr12 exam papers:

AfriForum Youth invites principals, learners and parents to report complaints regarding the poor quality of Gr. 12 exam papers. AfriForum

Youth also submitted a grievance in this regard to Angie Motshekga, the Minister of Basic Education and has agreed to bring every complaint under the minister’s direct attention. AfriForum Youth will ensure that complaints are sent through via an emergency notice to the minister and will be in contact with the department on behalf of concerned learners and parents.

Mother tongue education

by in campaigns on 20 October, 2014

Mother tongue education:

AfriForum Youth is campaigning for the promotion of multilingualism  and mother tongue education in South Africa.  According to the South African Constitution, South Africa has 11 official languages.  In reality, only one of these languages are often implemented at the expense of the other.  Mother tongue education is the most effective way to proper education and international competitiveness.

Actions launched for the protection of Afrikaans:

  • Published a comprehensive report on mother tongue education;
  • Launched a petition on the graffiti wall at Tuks, demanding that student numbers of Afrikaans speaking students not dwindle any further;
  • Submission made to the Minister of Higher Education on the advantages of mother tongue education;
  • Fights for the preservation of single-medium Afrikaans schools;
  • Ongoing, successful handling of language complaints at university campuses;
  • Held youth conferences on mother tongue education;
  • Held a student conference at Tuks about the advantages of mother tongue education;
  • Silent protest staged for mother tongue education at the Department of Higher Education;
  • Staged a protest picnic for Afrikaans at Tuks;
  • ‘Run for Afrikaans’-events hosted at university campuses.

Green Bus Project

by in campaigns on 20 October, 2014

Green Bus Project

AfriForum Youth has been involved in charity projects at children’s homes over the past two years. Our Green Bucket Project was a great success and has made a tangible difference to the lives of less fortunate children.

AfriForum Youth however decided in 2015 to launch the Green Bus Project which entails the raising of R1 million. It’s a huge task, but for a very important goal: The Gracia Children’s Home in Pretoria West.

This children’s home had enough space years ago, but the picture has however changed dramatically. The home lost their housing facility, after the donor passed away. The house mother took the children into her own home and modified her home to accommodate 40 – 60 children. The children’s home does not receive a government subsidy and is totally dependent on donors.

It’s Gracia and AfriForum Youth’s dream to raise R1 million. The money will be utilised to buy the house next to the current one.

Additional funds which will possibly be raised, will be utilised for the further studies of the children.

The funds are directly paid into a Trust, which is administered by Hurter Spies Attorneys.

Watch the video which AfriForum made about the children’s home and please feel welcome to contact us for any enquiries.