UP does nothing: Add your voice to deregister the EFFSC UP!

The youth organisation AfriForum Youth will continue to put pressure on the University of Pretoria (UP) management to deregister the EFF Student Command of the UP (EFFSC UP) as a student society. This follows after the EFFSC UP took part in offenses such as hate speech, intimidation and the most recent incident – denying access to campus for students who are not black. The exact words of an EFF member, who was standing at a campus gate, can be clearly heard on the widely distributed video: “Only black students!”

“The university management cannot distance themselves from this incident. Some of their students were harmed by this and some of their students were involved in this racist incident. Tuks does nothing and this forces us to ask the question: Is it the UP’s position that only black students are welcome on campus? Or will they finally take action against the guilty parties and deregister the EFF Student Command?” says René van der Vyver, spokesperson for AfriForum Youth.

AfriForum Youth’s petition already has more than 4 000 signatures and calls for action against a student society that is guilty of racial exclusion. It is a controversial matter that the Acting Dean of Student Affairs rejected AfriForum Youth’s posters, which display information from the university’s racist policies, on 5 October because it apparently borders on racism, while the university management wants to distance themselves from the EFFSC UP’s racial incident of 26 September.

AfriForum Youth invites everyone to support their petition at www.skorseff.co.za.