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Unisa under administration: AfriForum Youth is ready to act in the interest of students

AfriForum Youth is ready to offer support to Unisa students if their rights are violated when this institution is placed under administration. The youth organisation takes note of the report commissioned by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) which suggests that Unisa be placed under administration.

Blade Nzimande, Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, must now decide on this. AfriForum Youth will keep a close eye on the developments and investigate if students’ rights are violated during the process.

“AfriForum Youth has for years received numerous complaints from Unisa students about the institution’s lack of service delivery and is therefore aware of the institution’s serious administrative problems. However, it remains a dangerous precedent that is created when the state intervenes in higher education institutions. AfriForum Youth will step in if students’ rights are violated and demand that the public be informed about the liability of the individuals who are guilty of demolishing a once internationally recognized university to this level,” concludes René van der Vyver, spokesperson for AfriForum Youth.