Shaun Christie’s disciplinary hearing set to start tomorrow

The disciplinary hearing of Shaun Christie, a senior student from the North-West University (NWU) who was suspended in February following his public objection to the content of an orientation session for first-year students, is set to start tomorrow (12 March) in Potchefstroom.

AfriForum Youth’s legal team will represent Christie at the hearing. The youth organisation has been assisting Christie at his request since his suspension.

The hearing is expected to take place over three days. According to the charge sheet, Christie is charged with five separate counts of misconduct.

According to Ronald Peters, AfriForum Youth Manager, an LGBTQIAP + association was the only one allowed to host a session as part of the official first-year programme. “This decision by the NWU management created a breeding ground for discontent, but now Christie is being punished because he stood up for what he believes in,” says Peters. “However, we trust that the independent chairperson of the disciplinary hearing will look at every facet of Christie’s case objectively and will also consider Christie’s constitutional right to freedom of expression.”

Christie’s temporary suspension was partially lifted on 13 February, which has since allowed him to attend academic proceedings on campus again.