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EFF refuses white students access to Tuks campus: AfriForum Youth demands suspension

AfriForum Youth today sent additional evidence to the University of Pretoria (UP) to strengthen their case regarding their demand that the EFF Student Command of Tuks (EFFSC UP) should be deregistered as a student society. The EFFSC UP has been engaged in violent demonstrations on campus since 26 September, as well as intimidating and preventing students from entering the campus if they are not black. This follows after the EFFSC UP’s student council candidates (SRC) were expelled.

Footage of these protests is widely shared on social media. In one video, the viewers can clearly hear and see how EFFSC UP members refuse students access to campus by saying, “only black students”. AfriForum Youth also sent this video to the UP management and demands anew that the UP heeds the youth organisation’s request that the EFFSC UP be deregistered because they are openly racist and violent. AfriForum Youth also wrote to the UP last week to ask how this university will ensure students’ safety after the EFF threatened protest action.

The UP has so far failed to respond to AfriForum Youth’s complaints and it therefore appears that the UP approves of the EFFSC UP’s racism.

“Tukkies students are continuously sending us videos of incidents where the EFF Student Command intimidates other students and takes part in violent demonstrations that is accompanied by racism and disruption. The university management must intervene and deregister the EFF Student Command as a student society,” says René van der Vyver, spokesperson for AfriForum Youth.

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