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AfriForum Youth threatens legal action if the Free State government fails to pay promised bursary to top student

AfriForum Youth today sent a lawyer’s letter to the Free State Provincial Bursary Office to demand that the promised bursary be paid to Maryke Du Pisanie, one of the Free State’s Top 100 Matrics of 2021.

Du Pisanie repeatedly contacted the office to receive her scholarship letter or payout but received no response. The University of the Free State, where Du Pisanie is currently studying Physiotherapy, has meanwhile confirmed that her name does not appear on the list of scholarship recipients. This while the Free State Premier, Sisi Ntombela, boasts the fact that every Top 100 matriculant receives a full bursary from the Free State government.

“Our young people are often the victims of injustice regarding bursaries and AfriForum Youth will never accept this. Regardless of whether this injustice took place because of racial and other criteria, or simply because of maladministration, it remains unacceptable, ”said René van der Vyver, spokesperson for AfriForum Youth.

Du Pisanie and her parents are experiencing tremendous pressure from the university to pay her tuition fees even though she has worked hard to receive this prestigious scholarship. On top of that, Du Pisanie spends an awful lot of time contacting the scholarship office for feedback while she could rather spend that time on her academic responsibilities.

AfriForum Youth has already successfully assisted another student, who was in the same position as Du Pisanie, and he can now continue his medical studies at the University of the Free State, with the scholarship he rightfully received.

AfriForum Youth invites other students, who are in the same position, to approach the organisation for assistance at