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AfriForum Youth files a complaint against provisional Student Representative Council at Tuks

AfriForum Youth today lodged a complaint with the University of Pretoria (UP) to object to the EFF Student Command (EFF SC) UP being allowed to serve on the Student Representative Council (SRC). This complaint, with a petition signed by more than 2 000 people, demands that the EFFSC UP be deregistered as a student association and that their SRC candidates be suspended. The provisional results of the SRC elections, which were announced on 8 September, indicate that eight of the ten SRC portfolios are held by EFFSC UP members. The period to file complaints against the provisional SRC closed this morning.

The EFFSC UP is continuously taking part in acts of intimidation, incitement to violence, the disruption of study responsibilities and the fuelling of racial tension. On 19 April this year, AfriForum Youth already provided damning evidence of a letter in which the EFFSC UP threatens other students on campus, but the university still fails to act against the EFFSC UP in any way.

“AfriForum Youth will not recognise an SRC that sings songs about murder. The complaint we filed against the provisional SRC has strong merit to be investigated and our petition, with more than 2 000 signatures, strengthens our case. We take note of the promise made by the university’s spokesperson that they will seriously investigate the petition and expect prompt and thorough feedback in this regard,” concludes René van der Vyver, spokesperson for AfriForum Youth.

AfriForum Youth continues to encourage all Tukkies students to sign the petition.