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AfriForum Youth exposes dishonesty during exams at UNISA

AfriForum Youth today posed questions to the University of South Africa (UNISA) to determine what steps UNISA has already taken or will take to stop academic dishonesty at the institution. This follows after AfriForum Youth was approached by a student about suspicious text messages that UNISA students receive in which direct “exam help” and a guarantee of 90% or higher results, for a payment, are offered.

The youth organisation sent a video and a letter to UNISA exposing academic irregularities at this institution. AfriForum Youth takes a strong position and is of the opinion that such actions jeopardize both UNISA’s integrity and the integrity of UNISA students and the quality of qualifications.

In the letter, AfriForum Youth requests that the university provide clarity as to whether they are aware of such academic irregularities and whether they have already taken any steps to combat this. AfriForum Youth is also concerned about possible violations of the POPI Act as the source of the suspicious messages repeatedly knew which subjects the student in question was registered for and the dates on which his exams took place. In addition, UNISA has so far failed to respond to the student’s own inquiries about this.

“AfriForum Youth encourages young people to take ownership of their own future and that is why it is worrying that honest UNISA students are negatively impacted when the integrity of this institution’s students and the quality of their qualifications is questioned,” says René van der Vyver, spokesperson for AfriForum Youth.