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AfriForum Youth demands urgent suspension of SRC elections at NWU amidst concerns of voting irregularities

AfriForum Youth has issued a formal demand to the Independent Student Electoral Commission (ISEC) of the North-West University (NWU) to suspend the Student Campus Council (SCC) elections. The youth organisation has expressed deep concerns over the integrity of the current voting process, urging ISEC to ensure a fair and controlled election before proceeding further.

The main concern centres around the revelation that students are casting votes across different campuses, potentially compromising the accuracy and fairness of the elections. Adrienne Krause, Coordinator of Youth Development at AfriForum, explained that ISEC had previously acknowledged this issue and had pledged punitive measures against students engaged in such cross-campus voting. “AfriForum Youth questions how ISEC can ensure the validity of each vote and guarantee that votes are attributed to their respective campuses,” says Krause.

“AfriForum Youth demands an immediate suspension of the voting process. We insist on receiving comprehensive communication concerning the issues encountered thus far. Voting should remain suspended until a dependable voting platform is established, allowing for the meticulous verification of each vote’s association with its designated campus. We stress that the voting process must be conducted with the utmost fairness and transparency,” adds Ronald Peters, manager of AfriForum Youth.

AfriForum Youth is committed to upholding the rights and interests of students in South Africa. Through advocacy and engagement, the organisation seeks to ensure a fair and just environment for the youth in educational institutions.