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Tag Archives: Racism

“One Settler, One Bullet” – AfriForum Youth lays complaint

by in Keep an eye on Mediastatements on 23 May, 2017

AfriForum Youth laid a complaint with the South African Human Rights Commission on 23 May against students of the University of Pretoria (UP) who wore shirts on which the words “One Settler, One Bullet” were printed.

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Matie poster inappropriate

by in Keep an eye on Mediastatements on 10 May, 2017

AfriForum Youth strongly condemns the depictions of Nazi posters that were put up on the Stellenbosch Campus of the University of Stellenbosch (US) on 9 May 2017.

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AfriForum Youth lays charge of assault against spokesperson of Black First Land First

by in Keep an eye on Mediastatements on 18 March, 2017

AfriForum Youth today laid a charge of assault at the Midrand Police Station against Lindsay Maasdorp, spokesperson of the Black First Land First movement. This comes after Maasdorp today assaulted members of AfriForum Youth at the National Education Crisis Forum in Midrand, which was attended by several movements.

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Racism rife at Tuks hostels

by in Keep an eye on Mediastatements on 22 November, 2016

AfriForum learned on Monday, 21 November 2016 that a student of the University of Pretoria’s (UP’s) Taaibos Hostel had written racist and provocative remarks against white people on the outside of his hostel room door.

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Open universities, deal with troublemakers

by in Keep an eye on Mediastatements on 22 September, 2016

AfriForum Youth launched a petition today – University Management, let our students study in peace! – after several universities closed down their campuses due to violent protests over study fees.

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AfriForum Youth delivers memorandum over Tuks student

by in Keep an eye on Mediastatements on 09 September, 2016

AfriForum Youth yesterday delivered a memorandum to the management of the University of Pretoria (UP) in which the organisation demands the suspension of Luvuyo Menziwa, a UP student and member of the Student Council. This follows after Menziwa posted on Facebook that he wanted to kill white people with an AK-47 or a bazooka.

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AfriForum Youth to lay charge against SRC member who ‘wants to kill white people’

by in Keep an eye on Mediastatements on 30 August, 2016

AfriForum Youth is busy preparing charges that will be laid at the South African Police Service (SAPS) against Luvuyo Menziwa, a student at the University of Pretoria (UP) and member of the Student Representative Council (SRC). This follows after Menziwa said in a post on Facebook that he wants to kill white people using an AK-47 or bazooka.

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#ReformPUK’s leader shows his racism on Facebook

by in Hot Mediastatements on 04 November, 2015

The racism of the leadership of #ReformPUK is quite evident when you page through the Facebook comments of Tsholofelo Motlogeloa, its leader. In one of these, he writes: “I hate white people with [a] passion [and] they must fucken [sic] go [back] to Europe… [I’m] sorry God”. And in another: “I hate a white man, [I’m] sorry guys they [are] bad people”.

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10 Point Prevention Plan for campuses

by in Documents on 07 September, 2015

AfriForum Youth today introduced a National Prevention Plan for campuses across South Africa. This, following the violence that prevailed at the Elsenburg Agricultural College in Stellenbosch last week, as well as threats of similar acts of violence on other campuses in the country. 

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Elsenburg students assaulted by protestors

by in Hot Mediastatements on 01 September, 2015

AfriForum Youth released a video today which shows students of the Elsenburg Agricultural College being assaulted with whips by protesting students and members of the EFF. The video also shows non-protesting students removing EFF members from the premises. The video was taken by a student this morning during the illegal and violent protest, which started yesterday, and sent to AfriForum Youth.

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Elsenburg a ticking time bomb; classes suspended after riot

by in Hot Mediastatements on 31 August, 2015

All classes at the Elsenburg Agricultural College have been suspended until further notice after students yet again disrupted classes. EFF members arrived in mini busses and deprived students of their right to education along with a group of students studying at the college.  

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Open Stellenbosch propaganda

by in Blog Hot on 26 August, 2015

Dear Stellenbosch student,

The recent video called Listen, loaded on social media by the group Open Stellenbosch, is nothing but cheap propaganda. I know some members of the public, and especially members of Open Stellenbosch, will not agree with my statement, but give me the opportunity to explain. 

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AfriForum Youth welcomes suspension of controversial UCT student

by in Hot Mediastatements on 09 June, 2015

AfriForum Jeug verwelkom die skorsing van Chumani Maxwele, die student verantwoordelik vir die #RhodesMustFall-veldtog by die Universiteit van Kaapstad (UK). Maxwele is geskors nadat hy rassistiese opmerkings teenoor ʼn dosent gemaak het.

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#TuksSoWhite: AfriForum Youth grateful for investigation

by in Hot Mediastatements on 13 May, 2015

AfriForum Youth wants to thank the University of Pretoria (UP) for undertaking to investigate the South African Students Congress’ (Sasco) #TuksSoWhite campaign and take action if necessary.

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AfriForum Youth strongly rejects racial hatred at Tuks

by in Keep an eye on Mediastatements on 15 April, 2015

AfriForum Youth strongly rejects the racial hatred which is being spread by the South African Students Congress, SASCO, on the campus of the University of Pretoria and on Twitter with the hashtag #TuksSoWhite.

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Closed meeting with Deputy Minister about racial policies

by in Hot Mediastatements on 26 January, 2015

The national management of AfriForum Youth met with Buti Manamela, Deputy Minister in the Presidency, last week to discuss the National Youth Policy that will be implemented in the next five years.

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Ernst Roets, Adjunk-uitvoerendehoof van AfriForum

Double standards are making white students resentful

by in Blog on 01 October, 2014

Racial relations in South Africa reached a new low after a series of incidents at universities across the country.

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Taaibos students disappointed about UP’s handling of racism complaint

by in Keep an eye on Mediastatements on 16 September, 2014

The Security Department of the University of Pretoria told witnesses of a racist incident at the Taaibos Residence that the video recordings of the security cameras at the gate, where the incident occurred, are too dark and that other cameras were out of order.

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Racist incident affronts white Tuks students; AfriForum Youth wants UP to take action

by in Hot Mediastatements on 15 September, 2014

Students of the Taaibos Residence at the University of Pretoria (UP) are distressed, after two unidentified black students from Kollege Tehuis made racist remarks and threats against white students at the gates of Taaibos on the evening of 4 September 2014.

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“Kill the Boer, Kill the Racist, Kill Afrikaans!”, states pamphlet at Puk Campus

by in Hot Mediastatements on 04 August, 2014

AfriForum Youth strongly condemns the pamphlet containing racist slogans that was distributed in bathrooms on the Potchefstroom Campus of the North West University (NWU). The pamphlet, which has an African liberation emblem similar to the one of Sasco, states the following: “Kill the Boer, Kill the Racist, Kill Afrikaans.”

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AfriForum Youth demands apology from Memela over racist statements

by in Hot Mediastatements on 07 March, 2014

AfriForum Youth demands that columnist Sandile Memela apologises to all South Africans for racist remarks he had made in a blog on the website of the Mail and Guardian. In the blog Memela says that some whites buy guns for two reasons: to kill animals and black people.   Some white men, Memela says, do not even distinguish between the two.

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