Wessels Report a human rights violation

AfriForum Youth today expressed their concern regarding the gross discriminatory utterances contained in the Wessels Report of the Potchefstroom Campus of the North West University, which has leaked out. 

The Wessels Report forms part of the final council report which was submitted to the Minister of Higher Education last week.

The Wessels Report refers to the “problem” at the NWU as students who come from “Afrikaner-based” high schools, and makes the recommendation that a process of “normalisation” be “enforced” where Afrikaners are “diluted” and “removed”.

“The information in the Wessels Report clearly indicates that the report is discriminatory towards Afrikaners. AfriForum Youth is still attempting to get hold of the final report to confirm whether the racist and discriminatory utterances in the report, which attacks the human dignity of Afrikaners as a community, are taken into consideration,” Henk Maree, National Chairman of AfriForum Youth, said.

“The content of the Wessels Report is a human rights issue which needs attention before any further steps can be taken in the probe. We cannot accept a South Africa in which the identity of communities is discredited,” Maree said.

The legal team of AfriForum Youth has been busy since last week with negotiations with the NWU-Puk management to gain access to information in the final report. The reason for their application for the report is to determine to what extent the report forms part of the final report.

“We warn against radical organisations that are trying to use the report for political reasons to undermine the Afrikaner,”  Maree concluded.