SRC candidates appeal against student court order

Eight AfriForum Youth SRC candidates today filed an appeal against a decision of the student court of the University of Stellenbosch (US). The order directed that no student council elections may take place at the US until the university provided AfriForum’s candidates with reasons for their disqualification from the student council elections and until they had an opportunity to appeal against it.

AfriForum received the reasons for the disqualification on Monday, but does not agree with these reasons, for the organisation believes that the university acted unconstitutionally and maliciously against the candidates, while other cases where rules are broken, are not met with this type of court action.

Bernard Pieters, candidate for SRC chairperson, says that this appeal application strengthens AfriForum Youth’s position that the student court acted unconstitutionally and that AfriForum Youth did not violate any election rules. Bernard adds that the appeal court is seated in the university’s Faculty of Law and the dean of the faculty has appointed a committee to resolve the matter.