Race trumps merit: AfriForum Youth starts study fund to help students

Spotprent - AfriForum Jeug

AfriForum Youth founded a Maties alumni study fund in cooperation with Solidarity Helping Hand to allow current and future students of the University of Stellenbosch (US) to study with the help of alumni donations. Students who would be assisted by the fund will be selected on merits only.  

“The fund was established after various cases had been reported of aspiring students not being selected to attend higher educational institutions as a result of racial discrimination – despite excellent achievements,” says Bernard Pieters, the Campus Coordinator for Maties.

Applications for study help as well as help with the selection process will be managed by Helping Hand.

“Government and university managements cannot be trusted with our money. They let students down during the selection process because other factors other than merit are taken into account. It is our responsibility to intervene and help aspiring as well as current students to enjoy the future they deserve and what they have worked hard for,” says Pieters.

AfriForum Youth encourages alumni of the US to support this study fund.