Questions loom over Kovsies’ SRC election process

AfriForum Youth addressed a letter to the University of the Free State (UFS) in which they criticize and question the University’s defective and unlawful Student Representative Council (SRC) election procedures and rules. The youth organisation also condemns the UFS’s decision to postpone the election for the third time this year.

“Lingering problems regarding the election procedures and rules – as well as the repeated postponement of the election – not only prevents the election from running smoothly, but also prevents that it takes place in a constitutional, democratic and orderly manner,” says Chantelle du Preez, AfriForum Youth’s Chairperson for the Kovsie branch and SRC Candidate for Transformation.

She adds that the organisation gets little feedback from the UFS and SRC over enquiries and complaints regarding the various election issues.

Further, the organisation also demanded an explanation regarding the publishing of AfriForum Youth candidate information on the Facebook page of current SRC-president and member of Sasco, Lindokuhle Ntuli, accompanied by various allegations against these candidates as well as AfriForum Youth. The organisation is looking into the matter.

“It is unacceptable that so many problems are experienced during an SRC election and that the process continuously drags on. AfriForum Youth’s candidates are eager to make a positive change on the UFS campus, but it would appear that the interests of students are not deemed important by the SRC or the University,” says Reon Pienaar, AfriForum Youth’s SRC Presidential Candidate.

A new election date has still not been announced, but the Student Dean of the UFS confirmed during a meeting this morning that the UFS together with the Independent Electoral Agency (IEA) and the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) will aim to meet today regarding possible announcements and election dates.