The term “Pukke” in the name “NWU Pukke” gives identity to Puk students and their campus. A decision was recently taken that the Pukke identity will be abolished without prior consultation with interested parties such as students, prospective students or their parents.

This petition demands that the Pukke identity is not abolished during the merger with the NWU Vaal and NWU Mahikeng campuses.

The following aspects of the NWU Puk identity are in question:

  • The abolishment of the term “Pukke” in “NWU Pukke”.
  • The abolishment of the distinctive maroon NWU Puk blazer.

By signing the petition, you as student, prospective student or parent confirm that you would like to be informed regarding any decision making that concern your identity as interested party at the NWU Puk. No decision may be taken about you without your knowledge and input.

We say #PukBlyPuk



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