“One Settler, One Bullet” – AfriForum Youth lays complaint

AfriForum Youth laid a complaint with the South African Human Rights Commission on 23 May against students of the University of Pretoria (UP) who wore shirts on which the words “One Settler, One Bullet” were printed.

“It is nothing less than hate speech and is therefore incitement to violence,” says Julius Landman, AfriForum Youth’s Tuks Coordinator. “The seriousness of the case seems not to carry any weight with the institution as no action has been taken yet.” 

“Many UP students no longer have a feeling of safety as their basic human rights are no longer protected. How can it be expected of students to focus on their studies when they are openly subjected to such threats?” asks Renier Goosen, AfriForum Youth’s Tuks Chairperson.

A student leader also shouted “One Settler” when it was his turn to speak at a constitutional mass meeting on 18 May – whereupon his supporters shouted back “One Bullet”.

“Open hate speech on campus has not yet been met with consequences, with the result that students are becoming more and more radical,” Landman says.

AfriForum Youth demands a full investigation into the matter and that students who make themselves guilty of hate speech be addressed to prevent future damage. The organisation is of the opinion that an educational space should be safe to allow all students the opportunity to perform at the best of their abilities.