UP let students down, says AfriForum Youth

AfriForum Youth demands the immediate resignation of Prof. Cheryl de la Rey, Rector of the University of Pretoria.

This follows after the UP indicated that classes would not resume on Monday, 10 October 2016, as earlier undertaken by the UP Management.

AfriForum was informed by a reliable source that classes would not continue normally for the remainder of the year. Tests would also not be written on scheduled times and exams were expected to be written only in January next year.

According to information, it is highly possible that students would have to do self-study for the remainder of the year, and would have to obtain lectures and study material from the web site.

“The situation got completely out of hand. The UP’s management is clearly no longer in control of either the University or the small group of radical, extremist students,” says Morné Mostert, National Spokesperson of AfriForum Youth.

Parents and students can no longer allow their futures to be jeopardised.  “The careers of thousands of students who have to complete their studies this year and have to start working next year may be in jeopardy. Millions of rand of can be lost through a lack of action by the University’s management,” Mostert says.

AfriForum and AfriForum Youth is currently obtaining a legal opinion to see to it that students’ rights are protected.

Sign the petition here to be part of the joint legal action.