A Knapsack tour in the footsteps of the Rebels


A Knapsack tour in the footsteps of the Rebels

It was the Afrikaner’s darkest hour when the diehards of the Anglo Boer War locked horns twelve years later: On the one side the government forces (Kakies) of Prime Minister Louis Botha and his Minister of Defence, Jan Smuts – and on the other, the rebellion commandoes of General Koos de la Rey and Commandant Generals Christiaan de Wet and Christiaan Beyers. Only a few months later, all was over. The end was bitterer than that of 1902.

  • Koos de la Rey
  • Christiaan de Wet
  • Jan Kemp
  • Jopie Fourie
  • Manie Maritz

How does such a tragedy strike?
Who were the role players?
How does one look back on it after a century?

Pack your knapsack and tour the Kalahari in the footsteps of Generals Kemp and Maritz with AfriForum Youth

Date: 1–9 October 2016
Costs: Free
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  • 2 500 km
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