“Are you free?” asks AfriForum Youth Tuks

AfriForum Youth is challenging students with its new campaign “Are you free?” to consider the quality of the freedom they enjoy. A poll amongst students from diverse backgrounds on the main campus of the University of Pretoria revealed that most students were unaware of what we celebrated on 27 April, Freedom Day.

“One of the three questions we posed to the students was: Do you currently feel free as a South African? Only 32% responded positively. One of the big concerns raised by the poll is that students do not see any changes in the country after 20 years of democracy and feel that more problems arise daily. We were disconcerted to realise how negatively the students regard the situation,” said Rochelle Oosthuyse, Chair of AfriForum Youth Tuks.

Members of AfriForum Youth sent hundreds of green helium balloons into the skies today, as a symbolic message to government to grant young people true freedom. “Many students feel that their freedom is restricted by violence, BEE, quotas, racial profiling and corruption,” said Oosthuyse.