End in sight for Tuks residences

Residences at the University of Pretoria (UP) are to change into flats which will give accommodation for only first year students or just senior students. This announcement was communicated to house parents on 26 June, and the implementation thereof was postponed to 2015 after heavy objection from students.  

“AfriForum Youth last week sent a letter to Prof Themba Mosia, Vice Chancellor of student life, residence affairs and accommodation, which highlights that no consultation process with students was followed nor was the effect on student culture determined. AfriForum Youth also questions why the decision was taken during the holiday, and on which grounds it was taken,” Rochelle Oosthuyse, Chairperson of AfriForum Youth Tuks, said.

In the meeting of 26 June, the following information was conveyed:

  •  The male residence, Olienhout will only be open to first year students.
  • Female residences, including Inca and Asterhof, will only be open to first years.
  • The male residence, Boekenhout will only accommodate senior students.
  • Female residences, Lillium and Jasmyn, will only accommodate seniors.
  • Visiting times to male residence will be drastically limited.
  • Club houses in residences will most likely be totally restricted.

“House parents, the Director of Residence Affairs and student leaders were not included in the matter. Traditions like Rag, Ienk Melodienk, Sêr and the go-cart festival could be demoted. This decision will adversely affect student life at Tuks,” said Oosthuyse.

AfriForum Youth is in discussion with the UP and requested that that no further steps or decisions be taken if student leaders are not included.