All classes at the Elsenburg Agricultural College have been suspended until further notice after students yet again disrupted classes. EFF members arrived in mini busses and deprived students of their right to education along with a group of students studying at the college.  

The rioters locked classroom doors with chains and locks, allegedly spat in the faces of other students and cursed at them. “You f****ng white b*tch, what are you doing here?” were amongst these utterances. Some of the rioters were armed with whips.

“It is clear that today’s riot did not focus on language issues, but rather on provoking a racial incident.  Harsh and fair action must now be taken by Management,” said Henk Maree, National Chairman of AfriForum Youth.

AfriForum Youth is assisting some of its members in obtaining an urgent court interdict to force management to call in police reinforcements to implement law and order to ensure the safety of students.

“The safety of students and access to education are the most important priorities and we will do everything in our power to enforce this and see that students’ rights are protected,” Maree said.

Despondent students and parents sent a letter to Helen Zille, Premier of The Western Cape, in which they express their dissatisfaction.

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