ANC plan for graduates will boost brain drain

The ANC’s plans to institute a service year for graduates after completion of their studies will only encourage young people to leave the country, AfriForum Youth said today.

“Graduates usually face a mountain of debt after university and this measure will only add to the burden. On top of that, they will be unable to make any constructive contribution to the economy with these low income jobs, and will be unable to support dependents. Minorities are already disadvantaged when bursaries and job opportunities come along. Now they are at the mercy of the State for an entire year,” said Eduan Dupper, Spokesperson for AfriForum Youth.

AfriForum Youth believes that such an arrangement will be a violation of economic and civil liberties, because people are denied the right to pursue the career of their choice.

“Neither the skills crisis in the State nor unemployment amongst young South Africans will be alleviated by forcing young graduates into cheap labour. The only viable solution is to create an economic climate in which businesses can grow and flourish and employ people, in order to allow them to contribute productively to the economy,” said Dupper.