AfriForum Youth takes hands with Solidarity Helping Hand

The youth wing of AfriForum’s Helderberg Basin branch on 20 August 2019 visited Solidarity Helping Hand’s Ons Plek centre in the Strand where the youth had a new geyser installed.

Maresa Visser, Chairperson of the youth wing of AfriForum’s Helderberg Basin branch, decided to reach out to the needy children of the Ons Plek centre that is being administered by Solidarity Helping Hand. Helping Hand is doing excellent work to help alleviate, prevent and break poverty. AfriForum Youth decided to replace the geyser that recently broke to subsequently ensure that the children once again have warm water with which to shower.

The Gas Installer in the Strand installed the gas geyser at cost price and AfriForum Youth would like to thank this business in particular for their unselfishness.

“It is reassuring that there are still companies prepared to invest in the future of the Afrikaner youth and that they are not blinded by the current challenges. By investing in the youth, one creates the future rather than simply waiting for it to happen,” says Visser.

Become involved at this branch’s youth structures today and help make a difference: Send an email to or SMS “Helderbergkom” to 32687 (R1).