AfriForum Youth today, which is internationally celebrated as Dictionary Day, sponsored the words “tradition” and “activism” in the Sponsor a Word Project of the Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal (WAT), translated as the Dictionary of the Afrikaans Language. 

“We decided to make a contribution by symbolically protecting the meaning of the word “tradition” and promoting “activism” among the youth,” Eduan Dupper, Spokesperson of AfriForum Youth, said.

AfriForum Youth is of the opinion that the incidents which occurred in the past year put pressure on Afrikaans as language of instruction at universities. Well-known traditions such as “Pot en Pons” at Tuks, the Intervarsity as well as the “Tiekie” of Vishuis at Kovsies were all removed this year, and several other traditions face demotion.

“To sponsor these two word under our name as a youth organisation is meaningful as we see on a daily basis how healthy student traditions come under fire at universities and because we want to encourage the youth to play an active role in the protection of their rights,” Dupper concluded.

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