AfriForum Youth saves rag procession

The Tuks branch of AfriForum Youth assisted the Student Representative Council (SRC) in convincing the University of Pretoria (UP) to reinstate the rag procession.

The UP had taken a preliminary decision in December of last year to scale down on rag by disallowing the procession through the streets and confining the viewing of the floats to the L.C. de Villiers sports grounds.

“We followed up on complaints by students and tried to find out why the University had unilaterally decided to get rid of rag.The University cited a lack of funds.Rag, they said, was a financial burden instead of the fundraiser for social projects it is supposed to be. AfriForum Youth is, however, of the opinion that enough sponsors exist for this purpose and that there’s a possibility to get more sponsors if there’s a lack in funds,” said Rochelle Oosthuyse, Chair of AfriForum Youth Tuks.

AfriForum Youth launched a campaign and submitted a letter to the Rector, Prof Cheryl de la Rey, objecting to the decision.At a meeting yesterday between AfriForum Youth, the SRC, who had also been excluded from the decision-making process, and the University Management, the decision was made to allow the procession to continue.

“We are happy about this decision by the University to take students into account when taking decisions of this magnitude.Al least the hard work by the residences to build the floats will now be on display to the public.Rag is a time-honoured and very valuable student tradition.Residences collect money for social projects and it offers students the opportunity to become involved with welfare organisations.AfriForum Youth Tuks will fight on to keep healthy student traditions alive. We want to thank the SRC for their hard work to retain student traditions and this is once again a reminder of the importance of the right leaders serving on the SRC,” Oosthuyse concluded.