AfriForum Youth queries LLB accreditation requirements

AfriForum Youth expressed its concern regarding the apparent political agenda behind the adjustments that are required to the LLB degree of the North-West University (NWU) by the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC).

The Council on Higher Education recently pointed out various drawbacks with this qualification at the NWU and three other institutions which could possibly lead to the accreditation being withdrawn.

Prof Dan Kgwadi, Vice-chancellor of the NWU, on 20 April 2017 held a mass meeting during which students were informed about the state of affairs.

“We are concerned that the University isn’t being completely honest with students. It is not clear to students why the degree is suddenly in question. Too many of the so-called shortcomings that were pointed out, such as a lack of integration, transformation, assessment and community focus, were never a problem before,” says Ohann Fourie, AfriForum Youth’s Coordinator for the Potchefstroom Campus.

According to Fourie it seems as though the changes that are insisted on now to retain accreditation are directly related to the acceptance of a new statute for the NWU, which will make it a unitary institution in the future without recognition of the different campuses and what are achieved on the campuses.

“We as students expect the NWU management to be completely honest with students and provide proper explanations about the road ahead with regards to the LLB degree. Prof. Kgwadi cannot simply make promises now and give guarantees that the course’s accreditation will not be withdrawn. We became used to a government which only makes empty promises. Students have the right to be informed.”

Fourie says students will need to stand up now and become involved in the process if they want to obtain recognised degrees. They can sign a petition at to insist that the University does everything possible to ensure that the LLB degree stays accredited.