AfriForum Youth opposes change of UP’s logo

AfriForum Youth today wrote to the University of Pretoria (UP) in connection with the proposed changing of the UP’s logo. This comes after the UP executive sent an email in which they explained that they intended changing the university’s coat of arms.

Although students, staff and alumni are allowed an opportunity to take part, this is another action by the university’s executive to transform and get rid of all heritage and pride.

“AfriForum Youth urgently wrote to Prof. Themba Mosia, Vice-principal of Student Affairs, Residence Affairs and Accommodation, asking that the process of possible change be explained to us. We also insist on the period during which students, staff and alumni may take part being extended to allow all interested parties sufficient time to voice their opinions,” says Chantelle du Preez, AfriForum Youth’s National Coordinator for Tertiary Institutions.

UP today released a document on the proposed change, with 6 September 2019 as closing date. The questions in the document are not neutral, so they will be getting the result they require to change the logo.

“This action by the university’s executive aimed at changing the coat of arms is yet another case where money is spent on unnecessary changes – like their decision to change the names of residences. There are students who are financially unable to settle their accounts. Now the university wants to spend this money on changing the university’s coat of arms instead of assisting their students,” Du Preez says.

AfriForum Youth, in collaboration with current students and alumni, will be following the necessary process to oppose this changing of the logo.

“We are also going to draw up a petition to take into account the opinions of other interested parties and will convey the results to the university’s executive.”

AfriForum Youth encourages all interested parties to get involved in opposing this change.