AfriForum Youth hands petition for student exemption of e-toll to Sanral

Representatives of AfriForum Youth’s national management submitted documentation and petitions signed by over 2500 students during the past 30 days to Sanral Spokesperson Vusi Mona today. This came after AfriForum Youth had launched a campaign to have full-time students exempted from e-toll.

“We are satisfied with the way the campaign is unfolding. Mr Mona agreed to put our request to the Minister and promised that we would have feedback within the next month,” said Henk Maree, National Chair of AfriForum Youth.

AfriForum Youth gave the following reasons for the exemption of students from e-toll:

  • Students do not earn a fixed income.
  • Should they earn income, it is unpredictable.
  • The income is below the tax threshold.
  • Many students need loans in order to be able to study and these loans have to be repaid at high interest rates. They do not have additional income.
  • Many students share rides in order to save costs, just like taxis.

AfriForum Youth requested the following:

  • That all registered, fulltime students who own a motor vehicle, i.e. registered to their names, be exempted from e-toll.
  • All vehicles given by parents to fulltime students, and which can be proven to be for the use of the fulltime student, should be exempted.

“We still encourage students to sign our online petition and support the cause. We act on behalf of students in Gauteng, North-West and the Free State who are affected by e-toll,” Maree said.

AfriForum Jeug vra Sanral om studente van e-tol vry te stel
AfriForum Jeug vra Sanral om studente van e-tol vry te stel