AfriForum Youth guards healthy student traditions

A march held by AfriForum Youth on Thursday, 15 May, prompted the Student Dean of the University of the Free State, Rudi Buys, to submit a written response to the organisation. AfriForum Youth has launched a campaign earlier this year to ensure that healthy student traditions, student life and residences survive at the UFS. 

“We appreciate the letter and the spirit in which it was sent. We would have liked more direct answers to certain requests, but this will be dealt with during our next meeting,” said Henk Maree, National Chair of AfriForum Youth.

According to AfriForum Youth not all requests and questions were answered and the invitation to discuss the matter further will be accepted. AfriForum Youth remains in contact with students. The organisation said that it will participate constructively in all discussions to ensure that students’ voices are heard.

“We will watch all processes carefully. While the letter was sympathetic, we will remain vigilant, as the UFS has reneged on its promises in the past,” Maree said.