AfriForum Youth demands that Wessels report be rejected

AfriForum Youth today instructed its legal team to send a letter to the Council of the North-West University, requesting the Council to reject the Wessels Report in its current format and to refuse to submit the report to the Minister of Higher Education. AfriForum Youth took the step after it became clear from information circulating in the media that the report does not comply with the stipulations of the Equality Act, coming to unfair, discriminatory and stereotyping conclusions. 

“The report clearly discriminates against all Afrikaners and may even constitute hate speech.  In the letter we request Council to disregard the report. Should this request be denied, we will look into the possibility to hold Council accountable in terms of the Equality Act,” said Henk Maree, National Chair of AfriForum Youth.

Sections 10 and 12 of the Equality Act determine that nobody may publish information which may reasonably be interpreted as

  • Insulting or detrimental;
  • Promoting hatred against any specific group; or
  • Has the intention to unfairly discriminate against a group of persons on the grounds of their race or language.

From information disseminated by the media, is has become clear that the report discriminates against whites in general and Afrikaners in particular by referring to them as the “root of the problem” at the Potchefstroom campus of the NWU.

“The Council of the NWU will meet on Thursday 19 June, and it will become clear from the answers given by Council and the response of the Minister whether our request has been heeded,” Maree concluded.

To read the letter CLICK HERE