AfriForum Youth approaches High Court after US excludes students from SRC elections

AfriForum Youth will bring an urgent application before the High Court in Cape Town tomorrow to compel the University of Stellenbosch (US) to reinstate the candidature of eight candidates for the Student Representative Council (SRC).

This follows after the US excluded these candidates from the election in an unfair manner and without giving valid reasons.

Morné Mostert, AfriForum Youth’s National Spokesperson, says that the US took this decision without providing these candidates an opportunity to state their case.

“The US Student Court acted contrary to its authority and powers on many an occasion. All attempts to follow internal remedies proved unsuccessful and were always hampered by the US.”

Mostert also says that the University and Student Court acted against these students with prejudice and attempted to hamper the free, fair and reasonable course of the election throughout. Calumet Links, the Chief Electoral Officer, confirmed this statement in a report submitted to the Student Court.

Bernard Pieters, SRC Chairman’s candidate, says that a court application has already been served on the US on Monday. The University should have indicated late on Tuesday whether they would oppose the application. The institution indicated their opposition today (Thursday).

In its application AfriForum will request the Court:

  • To order the US to reinstate the candidatures of the eight candidates;
  • That the election process should commence within 48 hours;
  • That the Student Court be prevented from exceeding its powers and from interfering in the election process; and
  • To grant a cost order against the US and the Student Court.

“AfriForum Youth gets the cold shoulder because a small group of activists wants to prevent us from being elected to the SRC. They know that we enjoy huge support on campus and that things will change if we were to win the election,” says Pieters.

Pieters also says that AfriForum Youth views these events as an opportunity to prove to students that the student organisation is serious about the rights of all students – even those who do not agree with us.

AfriForum Youth is of the opinion that student life at the US was disrupted the past years by a group of radical individuals who tried to destabilise the campus and demanded rights in a manner that violated other students’ rights.

“The US needs strong student leaders to bring about change, and that is precisely what we will offer students. Attempts by the US and radical groups to scare off AfriForum Youth will not succeed,” says Pieters.