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UP throws out baby with bath-water

by in Keep an eye on Mediastatements on 18 May, 2017

The University of Pretoria (UP) decided on 17 May to discontinue yet another student tradition on campus. Serrie – a longstanding student tradition – was scrapped because it apparently creates a rape culture at the University. This follows after students complained over inappropriate posters that some men had held up during the women’s performances. 

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A Knapsack tour in the footsteps of the Rebels

by in campaigns on 09 September, 2016


A Knapsack tour in the footsteps of the Rebels

It was the Afrikaner’s darkest hour when the diehards of the Anglo Boer War locked horns twelve years later: On the one side the government forces (Kakies) of Prime Minister Louis Botha and his Minister of Defence, Jan Smuts – and on the other, the rebellion commandoes of General Koos de la Rey and Commandant Generals Christiaan de Wet and Christiaan Beyers. Only a few months later, all was over. The end was bitterer than that of 1902.

  • Koos de la Rey
  • Christiaan de Wet
  • Jan Kemp
  • Jopie Fourie
  • Manie Maritz

How does such a tragedy strike?
Who were the role players?
How does one look back on it after a century?

Pack your knapsack and tour the Kalahari in the footsteps of Generals Kemp and Maritz with AfriForum Youth

Date: 1–9 October 2016
Costs: Free
RSVP: Send your name, surname, cell number and campus name before or on 15 September 2016 to


  • 2 500 km
  • Six destinations
  • Nine days of fun and adventure
  • Learn more about your culture
  • Learn more about your history
  • Learn more about your heritage
  • Learn more about yourself

AfriForum Youth approaches High Court after US excludes students from SRC elections

by in Keep an eye on Mediastatements on 18 August, 2016

AfriForum Youth will bring an urgent application before the High Court in Cape Town tomorrow to compel the University of Stellenbosch (US) to reinstate the candidature of eight candidates for the Student Representative Council (SRC).

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Maties SRC election

by in campaigns on 29 July, 2016


Why must I participate in the student council elections?

A competent student council (SRC):

  1. Communicates with students and is aware of the latest developments;
  2. Addresses complaints received from students;
  3. Avoids political coaxing and does what is really in the interests of students;
  4. Prevents a small group of anarchists from speaking on behalf of all students;
  5. Takes the opinions of students into consideration during decision making and does not rely on their own opinion only;
  6. Doesn’t allow itself to be dictated by management;
  7. Attempts to keep the students happy, not management;
  8. Speaks on your behalf at the council and senate;
  9. Doesn’t hesitate to approach the courts in order to protect the rights of students.

Vote for a student council (SRC) if you are fed up with:

  1. Violence on campus;
  2. A small group of anarchists that apparently speaks on your behalf;
  3. An SRC that doesn’t listen to students;
  4. An SRC that doesn’t take any action with regards to the complaints of students;
  5. An SRC that takes decisions without considering the opinions of students;
  6. An SRC that only attempts to keep political parties happy;
  7. An SRC that is more interested in keeping management happy rather than students;
  8. An SRC that doesn’t act on behalf of students, but rather allows itself to be dictated by management;
  9. An SRC that is too scared and isolated to approach the courts if deemed necessary;
  10. An SRC that gives way to intimidation.

Youngest news concerning the SRC election:

  1. SRC candidates appeal against student court order
  2. High Court stops SRC election without AfriForum candidates
  3. AfriForum Youth approaches High Court after US excludes students from SRC elections

AfriForum Youth supports the following candidates:


TUKS buries yet another tradition

by in Keep an eye on Mediastatements on 22 September, 2014

The University of Pretoria decided to abolish the annual Pot & Pons student tradition, an initiative of TuksRag in collaboration with TuksRes, on Wednesday, 17 September.

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AfriForum Youth guards healthy student traditions

by in Hot Mediastatements on 09 June, 2014

A march held by AfriForum Youth on Thursday, 15 May, prompted the Student Dean of the University of the Free State, Rudi Buys, to submit a written response to the organisation. AfriForum Youth has launched a campaign earlier this year to ensure that healthy student traditions, student life and residences survive at the UFS. 

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AfriForum Youth and UFS students march for student interests

by in Hot Mediastatements on 15 May, 2014

AfriForum Youth at UFS and students held a march to promote healthy student traditions, student life and residences at the University of the Free State. During the march a petition with 1600 signatures and a cover letter were handed to Mr Rudi Buys, Student Dean.

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Karlien dameskoshuis

AfriForum Youth supports suspended House Committe

by in Hot Mediastatements on 03 March, 2014

AfriForum Youth has offered its support to members of the Karlien Female Residence at the Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University. This comes after the House Committee was temporarily suspended, after charges – which are still unknown to them – were laid against them. The youth organisation is of the view that the University’s steps against the students are unreasonable.

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AfriForum Youth saves rag procession

by in Hot Mediastatements on 10 January, 2014

The Tuks branch of AfriForum Youth assisted the Student Representative Council (SRC) in convincing the University of Pretoria (UP) to reinstate the rag procession.

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