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Youth development:

The promotion of a leadership culture among young people is one of AfriForum Youth’s main focus areas. The purpose is not only to nurture leadership, but also to introduce young people to the Christian democratic framework of ideas and the principle of cultural freedom.

Training for the youth takes place in three spheres, namely branch management training, short training courses and a training tour.

Branch Management Training:

Branch management training takes on the form of an inter-campus camp which is held at the beginning of each year. AfriForum Youth’s executive management, branch management members from all over the country and members who serve in portfolio committees attend the camp. Training focuses on the management of specific portfolios, the skills required to be a spokesperson, AfriForum Youth’s national strategy and planning with regard to campaigns, membership recruitment and fundraising.

Short training courses:

Short training courses take the form of informal training offered by a speaker who deals with a particular concept within a limited time frame. Elements covered, include leadership, values, history, heritage, cultural freedom and skills training, focusing on negotiating and debating skills, for example. Every three months, AfriForum Youth has a new intake of people joining the programme.

Training Tour:

The training tour is an accompanied tour to various museums, heritage sites and historic attractions throughout South Africa. The tour attempts to expose young people to the meaning of cultural freedom and the value of Afrikaner history. The tour takes place in September.

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