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Two former Kovsies students claim R1 million from Rector

deur in Hot Mediastatements op 05 March, 2015

The legal team of AfriForum Youth served a letter of demand on Professor Jonathan Jansen, Rector of the University of the Free State (UFS) in which Cobus Muller and Charl Blom, former students, claim compensation of R1 million from Prof Jansen and the UFS. The parties have been given two weeks to pay out the compensation.

This, after Muller and Blom were accused and acquitted of murder last year by the Court and the South African Human Rights Commission.

“Muller and Blom were suspended and never given an opportunity to state their case. During this time they were publicly labelled as criminals and were barred from campus without procedure or trial. They could not continue their postgraduate studies or attend their graduation ceremony,” Henk Maree, National Chairman of AfriForum Youth, said. 

The former students claim R500 000 each for the patrimonial loss and injuria they suffered. It includes wasted expenses, delayed access to the labour market and the impairment of their dignity and reputation (dignitas and fama).

The claimants base their claim on Article 9 (Equality), 10 (Human Dignity), 29 (Education) and 33 (Just Administrative Action) of the Constitution.

“People in positions of power should act responsibly and unbiased. The future of two students cannot be the price for political gain. Because of this, it’s with the greatest gravity that AfriForum Youth will support Muller and Blom,” Maree said.   

If the compensation amount is not paid out within the given two week deadline, a subpoena will be served on Prof Jansen and the UFS.