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Racist incident affronts white Tuks students; AfriForum Youth wants UP to take action

deur in Hot Mediastatements op 15 September, 2014

Students of the Taaibos Residence at the University of Pretoria (UP) are distressed, after two unidentified black students from Kollege Tehuis made racist remarks and threats against white students at the gates of Taaibos on the evening of 4 September 2014.

“The one student cursed white students and shouted that he hates whites and that he wants to kill all whites. The verbal attack left Taaibos students deeply distressed,” Emuel Venter, a resident of Taaibos said.

AfriForum Youth requested UP management to investigate the incident with the necessary urgency.

“This incident once again proofs that all races are affected by racism. AfriForum Youth requested the University to be consequential when implementing disciplinary steps in all racism related incidents. This matter should be addressed urgently,” Monique du Randt, Spokesperson for AfriForum Youth, said.

UP Security is going through video recordings of security cameras at the Taaibos gates. The culprits will be identified soon. Seven residents of Taaibos were identified as witnesses.

Du Randt says the incident could possibly have been sparked by the results of the Student Representative Council election in which AfriForum Youth won 50 % of the seats.