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AfriForum Youth and students mourn death of residences

deur in Hot Mediastatements op 28 July, 2014

AfriForum Youth and students of the University of Pretoria today mourned the death of residences and student life by leaving a coffin with 1 600 signatures of students with a Memorandum of students’ demands in front of the Roosmaryn Building, the offices of the Department of Student Affairs.

“AfriForum Youth and students decided to object to the planned changes of residences by illustrating the death of residences symbolically today,” Eduan Dupper, AfriForum Youth spokesperson said.

This youth organisation earlier this month provided media with information of the University’s plans for residences in 2015. The changes have since been put on ice to 2016.

“The changes were announced without inputs from students and other interested parties, and although it’s been postponed for now, it’s still on the cards, and AfriForum Youth will not sit back and look on how residences and student life are destroyed,” Dupper said.

AfriForum Youth will continue to take a stand on behalf of students when their voices are ignored.