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AfriForum Youth launches #NoFace Selfie Competition against racial classification

deur in Keep an eye on Mediastatements op 25 August, 2014

AfriForum Youth today launched a competition, requesting students to share a selfie on the  Facebook and Twitter pages of the youth organisation, in which they’re hiding their faces, symbolising their objection to racial classification.  

“We encourage young people to object to racial classification at universities in this creative way, as we receive numerous complaints from students who are discriminated against on the basis of race, especially in Medical and Veterinary Faculties,” Eduan Dupper, Spokesperson for AfriForum Youth, said.

AfriForum Youth is also launching a cartoon which portrays the double standards in the handling of racial matters in South Africa in a comic way. (See cartoon attached).

The reality is that two young ladies who painted their faces black were punished more severe than institutions which refuse young people a flourishing future because of the colour of their skin. That is why we launched this campaign, to encourage people to distribute #NoFace selfies and take a stand against race as criteria in higher education.

“Oversensitivity is at the order of the day when it comes to incidents with an alleged racial connotation, while a lack in sensitivity for humanity is simultaneously at the order of the day when it comes to affirmative action policies,” Dupper said.

To qualify for the competition, you have to be younger than 35 and post a photo of yourself, on which you hide your face creatively, on the AfriForum Youth Facebook or Twitter page with the #NoFace hashtag.

Follow AfriForum Youth on Twitter at @afriforumjeug and find the youth organisation on Facebook to get the latest update on the campaign.

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