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AfriForum Youth Chairman chased out of meeting

deur in Keep an eye on Mediastatements op 13 February, 2015

The National Chairman of AfriForum Youth, Henk Maree was chased out of a meeting with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Student Council of the Grootfontein Agricultural College and other roleplayers. This, as members of the South African Student Congress (Sasco) said Maree was not welcome, as he represents a national youth organisation while only local youth leaders were apparently welcome.

“I was forced to leave the meeting. It’s dissolute of the Departmental Representative, Mr Sivelile Nompozolo and College Director, Mr Tino Herselman, to allow Sasco to dictate a meeting. The other organisations present didn’t agree with the request of Sasco,” Maree said.

The meeting was scheduled after it came to light that the Department wants to change the language policy of the College from 2016. The plan is to abolish Afrikaans and to change it to an English college.

Maree said Sasco is not interested in discussing the policy, but only in creating chaos.

“We have interests in the language policy of the College, which is a national policy, and still, national management is not welcome. I find it strange.”

AfriForum Youth will now request a private meeting with the Department.