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AfriForum Youth did not celebrate Youth Day; started building a better future

deur in Hot Mediastatements op 16 June, 2015

AfriForum Youth did not celebrate Youth Day with the rest of the South African youth today, but rather started creating a better future. The youth organisation launched its Groenbussieprojek (Green Bus Project) at the Voortrekker Monument through which they aim to raise R1 million by the end of this year to purchase an additional house for the Gracia Child and Youth Care Centre in Pretoria. 

Solidarity Helping Hand gave great momentum to the project by making a gracious donation of R100 000.

“Policies which should give opportunities to the youth have become so racially exclusive that young Afrikaners cannot rely on Government anymore. Us youths should build a bright future ourselves,” says Henk Maree, National Chairman of AfriForum Youth. 

“We initiated the Groenbussieprojek, after we got involved at the Gracia Child and Youth Care Centre and saw how they were struggling to stay afloat. They accommodate too many children for one house and they’re in urgent need of an additional house. Racially driven policies discriminate against youths, despite age or circumstances. These children do not have much and there’s not even one government department willing to help.”

Today, AfriForum Youth had great fun with the children of Gracia. The youth members put on their aprons and rolled up their sleeves for a potjiekos competition to still the grumbling tummies, and they entertained the children will fun activities, such as boeresport and a jumping castle.

Watch AfriForum Youth’s video about the Gracia Child and Youth Care Centre and the Groenbussieprojek on AfriForum’s YouTube channel by clicking HERE