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To understand AfriForum Youth’s nature, one must understand the theoretical concepts upon which the organisation’s objectives, vision and campaigns are based. These concepts, among others, is the acquisition of cultural freedom and the expansion of the Christian democratic frame of thinking.

Cultural freedom is the space that must be created in which young Afrikaners can move within the realities of South Africa. It includes to freely claim your culture, language and religion. Together with this a space must be created for the expansion of youths’ independence, own operation and freedom to belong to a community. This includes the legal space, the public space and any other space in society in which this freedom must be created.

The expansion of the Christian democratic frame of thinking is to exchange modern-day apathy for eagerness in order to effect cultural freedom. The Christian democratic frame of thinking is based on the expansion of unashamed Christian principles, a realisation that true power is in the hands of God, and not in the state’s, and an obligation towards your own community that can only be described as a calling. The purpose of this is to shake off the apathy among countless youth and create the eagerness for new ideals of cultural freedom.



AfriForum Youth is the official youth wing of AfriForum, the civil rights initiative that was established by Solidarity.


We have various campaigns, which include

  • To exempt youth from affirmative action.
  • To protect and promote Afrikaans and mother tongue language.
  • To prevent political interference in education.
  • To equip youth with skills and knowledge.
  • To protect healthy student traditions.



AfriForum Youth abides by Christian principles.



To promote independence among young Afrikaners and influence the realities in South Africa by running campaigns and actively taking a stand for the civil rights of youth.


Vision and objectives

  • The exemption of youth from affirmative action.
  • The mobilisation of youth against race-based quotas.
  • The promotion of Afrikaans and mother tongue education.
  • The promotion of quality education.
  • To oppose political interference in educational matters.
  • To develop youth’s capabilities, knowledge and skills.
  • Liaison with youth institutions, artists and other role players.
  • To promote a culture of leadership among youth.
  • The promotion of a healthy pride in Afrikaans and Afrikaner character.
  • The running of modern and dynamic campaigns to give expression to the above-mentioned objectives.



AfriForum Youth is a student organisation. Membership to AfriForum Youth is free and anyone who agrees with AfriForum Youth’s policy, can join. Working youth is also encouraged to join AfriForum Youth’s town branches. AfriForum Youth also runs campaigns to make school going youth aware of their rights and to promote quality education.

AfriForum Youth has student branches at various higher education institutions over South Africa. As a young working person, you can also integrate with one of AfriForum’s more than 125 local branches to help drive youth-related issues.

Why become involved?

  • You must accept responsibility for your own generation.
  • AfriForum Youth is the fastest growing youth organisation in South Africa.
  • Develop yourself by being involved with a positive organisation that is the breeding ground for leadership.
  • Attend social events, discussions and training sessions regularly. Become part of proactive actions and campaigns about matters that determine your future.

What does your membership mean?

  • Your information is placed on our database.
  • You receive newsletters.
  • You can become actively involved with the operations of AfriForum Youth.
  • You are invited to actions and projects that take place in your area.
  • You can act in a leadership position if you are available and interested.
  • There are various training opportunities for which you can apply.