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deur in op 05 November, 2014


Movember is around the corner and men around the world are getting ready to grow moustaches. This year, AfriForum has also got Movember on its upper lip.

The Movember Foundation was started in Australia in 2003. Today, 21 countries including South Africa participates in this leading campaign which strives to create awareness of health problems amongst men including prostate and testicular cancer as well as depression.

The main Movember campaign takes place in November each year when men across the globe exchange a smooth upper lip for a fluffy moustache – all for the awareness men’s health. The “Mo” in Movember is derived from the word “moustache”.

According to Louis Raubenheimer from the Movember-foundation in South-Africa, the moustache is the perfect conversation starter. He also emphasized that women play an equally important role in the campaign even though they don’t walk around displaying lip lapas.

This year, AfriForum decided to participate in this ground breaking campaign.

Although it was tough, AfriForum managed to convince the legendary moustache expert, Ben Bekbesem, to visit AfriForum during Movember and give tips on how to grow, groom and maintain the perfect moustache.

With the birth of Bekbesem in 1978, he already made news headlines by being the first and only baby born with a full grown moustache. Some speculate that his moustache actually fostered him.

A giant statue dedicated to this famous moustache can be seen in Mo York, which was also named after Bekbesem’s Moustache, is one of the main tourist attractions in the world. Bekbesem appeared on the covers of more than 50 magazines including the bestseller, Mo Magazine (Afrikaans: Snorgenoot).

He has received various awards in his lifetime and was recently appointed as “Lip Lapa of the Year” for the 35th time in a row.

Bekbesem will also be the main judge of the AfriForum in house moustache growing competition.

AfriForum also calls on the public to grow their own moustaches and to enter AfriForum’s most impressive moustache competition. They will also be judged by Bekbesem who will announce three winners by the end of Movember.

Details about the competition will be available from next week in our Hotmail as well as on our Facebook page.

To find out more about Movember and to participate in the global campaign, visit their website at