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AfriForum Youth condemns transport of students to Maties

deur in Keep an eye on Mediastatements op 26 September, 2016

AfriForum Youth made an urgent appeal to the management of the University of Stellenbosch (US) to immediately act against individuals that were transported to the campus per bus in order to protest yesterday.

According to the organisation’s information these individuals are not students at the US.

Morné Mostert, AfriForum Youth’s National Spokesperson, says the University must intervene to protect the rights of truly enrolled US students.

“It is clear from the demands that these troublemakers sent to the University that this violent behaviour has for a long time not been about tuition fees only. The protestors are busy driving a political agenda which is aimed at ‘Africanising’ these institutions, which will ultimately lead to total ruin.”

Some of the demands made by these militant groups, include the immediate lifting of interdicts against protestors, writing off all previous tuition debt for students from households earning less than R600 000 per annum and the US must fully support the request for “mass gatherings and demonstrations for free, quality, decolonialised and black-centric education”.

Follow the link to support AfriForum Youth’s petition, University Management, let our students study in peace!: