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Tag Archives: Elsenburg

Elsenburg students assaulted by protestors

by in Hot Mediastatements on 01 September, 2015

AfriForum Youth released a video today which shows students of the Elsenburg Agricultural College being assaulted with whips by protesting students and members of the EFF. The video also shows non-protesting students removing EFF members from the premises. The video was taken by a student this morning during the illegal and violent protest, which started yesterday, and sent to AfriForum Youth.

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Elsenburg a ticking time bomb; classes suspended after riot

by in Hot Mediastatements on 31 August, 2015

All classes at the Elsenburg Agricultural College have been suspended until further notice after students yet again disrupted classes. EFF members arrived in mini busses and deprived students of their right to education along with a group of students studying at the college.  

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Elsenburg students unite for Afrikaans

by in Hot Mediastatements on 19 August, 2015

Hundreds of students from Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute today held a protest during which a memorandum was handed to the Institute’s Management. This follows after the Management of the Institute recently failed to take a stand against students who deprived other students of their right to education in an unlawful manner. The students eventually obtained support from two external organisations, AfriForum Youth and Adam Tas Student Body, after they were at their wit’s end.

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AfriForum Youth demands immediate action from Elsenburg management

by in Hot Mediastatements on 13 August, 2015

AfriForum Youth today learned that a group of students once again held illegal demonstrations on the campus of Elsenburg Agricultural College. Classes were disrupted and students were deprived of their right to education. The main building of the college was stormed and students and personnel were threatened by the demonstrators. AfriForum Youth sent a final letter with demands to the management of the college.

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