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Kovsie students take a stance against removal of statues

deur in Mediastatements op 03 November, 2015

AfriForum Youth is delighted about the initiative taken by students at the University of the Free State (UFS) to retain the statues of former Presidents CR Swart and MT Steyn on this campus. Students yesterday hung posters around the statue of former President MT Steyn with the following message: “I fought against colonialism, why do you want to remove me?” The text which appears on the posters, was translated from Afrikaans.   

“It is good for us to see that students are taking their own initiative to protect their heritage against the attacks of a group of radicals who want to make it clear that Afrikaans and anything Afrikaner are not welcome on campus,” said Eduan Dupper, Spokesperson for AfriForum Youth. 

The Vice-chancellor and Rector of the UFS, Prof Jonathan Jansen, announced last week that the university will launch a process to remove the abovementioned statues from the Kovsie campus.

“We thoroughly support the initiative of the students and urge other students to join them in the fight to preserve Afrikaner culture. University management is currently being led by the nose by a radical group of students who drives a political agenda,” added Dupper.

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