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Elsenburg students assaulted by protestors

deur in Hot Mediastatements op 01 September, 2015

AfriForum Youth released a video today which shows students of the Elsenburg Agricultural College being assaulted with whips by protesting students and members of the EFF. The video also shows non-protesting students removing EFF members from the premises. The video was taken by a student this morning during the illegal and violent protest, which started yesterday, and sent to AfriForum Youth.

AfriForum Youth has contracted a private security company to ensure the safety of non-protesting students and is busy with preparations to obtain an urgent court interdict. Should they successfully obtain the interdict, the College will be forced to take action against the protesters. They will also be arrested. Legal action against the police will also be considered since they failed to enforce order and protect the students despite being present at the scene.

AfriForum Youth fully supports non-protesting students in their right to defend themselves and protect their campus.

AfriForum Youth yesterday confirmed that all classes at the College will be suspended until further notice after yet another disruption by students. The leaders of this protest are a few students studying at the College as well as EFF members who arrived in mini busses.

Protestors locked classroom doors with chains and locks and allegedly spat in the faces of non-protesting students while cursing at them.  “You f****ng white b*tch, what are you doing here?” were amongst these utterances. Protestors were already armed with whips during the start of the protest yesterday.

“Many of the protestors are not students at the College, we cannot understand why the College still allows EFF members to enter the premises. Management has lost control over Elsenburg,” says Henk Maree, National Chairman of AfriForum Youth.