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Review of the week at the UN

by in Blog Hot on 15 August, 2016

AfriForum Youth, AfriForum and Solidarity attended the 2 461st sitting of the United Nations’ (UN’s) Committee for the Eradication of Racial Discrimination (CERD) in Geneva, Switzerland in the previous week.

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Tuks SRC candidate represents youth at UN

by in Blog Hot on 26 July, 2016

AfriForum Youth will internationalise the quota system issue when Henrico Barnard, AfriForum Youth Tuks SRC presidential candidate, travels to the United Nations in August to represent the youth there.

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Rector thinks rules need not be followed

by in Blog Keep an eye on on 16 November, 2015

AfriForum Youth started identifying a pattern in Prof. Wim de Villiers, Rector and Vice-chancellor of the University of Stellenbosch (US), of attempting to bypass official processes time and again. The latest act to confirm this is his decision to introduce English as the only language of communication at the US.

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Open Stellenbosch propaganda

by in Blog Hot on 26 August, 2015

Dear Stellenbosch student,

The recent video called Listen, loaded on social media by the group Open Stellenbosch, is nothing but cheap propaganda. I know some members of the public, and especially members of Open Stellenbosch, will not agree with my statement, but give me the opportunity to explain. 

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Why I like AfriForum and Solidarity: Creating a culture of hope

by in Blog Keep an eye on on 29 June, 2015

Twenty-five years old, Dutch, likes music and politics, master student in Crisis and Security Management at the University of Leiden, Campus The Hague in the Netherlands, and… a proud member of, and presently intern at, AfriForum. The former is rarely cause for questions, yet the latter always requires the careful kind of explanation I’ve yet been able to provide, up until now.

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This one was for you, granddad George

by in Blog Keep an eye on on 24 June, 2015

My name is John-Henry Sinclair. I am a final-year student at the University of the Free State (Kovsies).

I am a positive, young Afrikaner boy from the Free State. Positive despite living in a society where my sister almost became a victim of rape, where my brother was held captive by robbers, and where I lost my granddad when he became a victim of a farm attack.

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What exactly is the problem, South Africa?

by in Blog on 17 October, 2014

Are the supposedly ‘Afrikaner’ universities making South Africa’s ‘transformed’ universities look bad? Are Afrikaner students an easy target because they have thus far refused to burn down their institutions, regardless of threats to change the way they can study in their own language in their own country? Has violence become normal and Afrikaans an outcast? For some reason nearly everyone seems to jump on the bandwagon as soon as they get a chance to (help) annihilate the role and influence of Afrikaans or Afrikaners at universities, yet they seem to remain somewhat deaf, blind or both when it comes to violent outbreaks at their beloved ‘transformed’ universities. Allow me to paint you a picture.

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Ernst Roets, Adjunk-uitvoerendehoof van AfriForum

Double standards are making white students resentful

by in Blog on 01 October, 2014

Racial relations in South Africa reached a new low after a series of incidents at universities across the country.

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Why would you not study in Afrikaans?

by in Blog on 15 May, 2014

About a month ago, I was on the Hatfield campus of the University of Pretoria, waiting for a class to start when I overheard remarks on a topic about which I feel quite strongly.Two students wondered if it is better to study in English or Afrikaans.

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