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Education Alliance predicts trouble for Universities

deur in Hot Mediastatements op 22 January, 2015

The so-called Education Alliance, constituted by Dr Blade Nzimande, minister of higher education, this week confirmed their incompetence by suggesting that all registration and application fees should be scrapped at all universities. AfriForum Youth regrets this and believes the proposal will put universities in a weaker financial position. 

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Eduan Dupper

AfriForum Jeug bou voort op suksesse in 2015

deur in Blog Hou ons hier dop op 13 January, 2015

’n Vol jaar met verskeie projekte ter bevordering van AfriForum Jeug se doelwitte word beplan.

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Revised Admission Policy at Wits misleading

deur in Keep an eye on Mediastatements op 24 June, 2014

AfriForum Youth welcomes the deletion of the biographical questionnaire from the selection process for admission to medical studies at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) for 2015. The university revised its admission policy for all medical fields of study. 

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